About Us

We are happy you stopped by to learn more about us!  
Our Mission
At STR Fiber Optics, we dedicate ourselves to provide and distribute quality fiber optic and lapping film products and to provide the highest level and quality of customer service to our guests.  
Who We Are
Located in the California Bay Area, we at STR Fiber Optics are a fiber optics supplier and distributor dedicated to providing you with quality fiber optics and lapping film products.  At STR Fiber Optics, our goal is to run an efficient online fiber optics portal to enable our guests to browse and locate the fiber optics and lapping film products needed. 
Contact STR Fiber Optics
If you have any questions, feel free to fill out the form through our "Contact Us" page.  Or if you would prefer, feel free to email us directly at sales@strfiberoptics.com.