M67-068 Corning Cable Systems Splice Tray for Holding 6 Heat-Shrink Fusion Splice Sleeves - Type 2

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The M67-068 Corning Cable Systems Type 2 metallic splice tray is designed for use with CCS interconnection hardware and splice closures.  This metallic splice tray is designed to hold 6 heat shrink fusion splice sleeves and boasts a rugged aluminum base and cover for enhanced durability.  Use this metallic splice tray to protect and manage your fiber and fiber splices.  
The M67-068 Corning Cable Systems Type 2 metallic splice tray has crimpable metal tabs to provide stress and strain relief to buffer tubes.  Additional stress and strain relief points are available for securing buffer tubes or pigtails to the trays using cable ties.  
Product Features:  
  • Use for both multimode or singlemode systems and applications and at field splice, transition splice, and end splice locations
  • Black powder coating
  • Includes a aluminum top
  • Relieves stress placed on completed splices within the metallic tray
  • Accepts 6x 60mm single-fiber heat shrink fusion splice protection sleeves
  • Size: 7.3(L) x 3.5(W) x 0.2(D) inch
  • Ideal for use with Corning Cable Systems indoor or outdoor splice hardware