850nm Infrared Detection Card/Sensor Card In Stock

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It has been a while and for those who have been following (and contacting) us, you may have realized the 850nm Infrared Detection/Sensor Cards have been out of stock for a few months now.  Well...we're finally happy to announce we have a sourced a new supplier and now have them in stock!  Order it here!

As for technical information, to summarize, this is part number IR-8500 and this 850nm Infrared Detection Card is an excellent tool for technicians or individuals working with fiber optics that use infrared light.  Use this 850nm Infrared Detection Card to quickly see if an IR LED is producing light.  Each card has an active area (1.5 x 1.5 cm) sensitive to IR light.  Sensitivity of this card peaks at 800nm and at 1300nm (sensitivity at 1300nm approx. 55% of sensitivity at 800nm). Best suited for low-intensity LED light sources as those used in fiber optics.  Click here for more details about this product!

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