ClearCurveZBL-100M Corning ClearCurve ZBL Single Mode Fiber (G.657 A/B), 100 Meters, Bare fiber, No Jacket

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Corning ClearCurve Single Mode fibers are designed for a wide variety of fiber optic applications including outside and inside plant installations.  These Corning ClearCurve Single Mode fibers are ITU-T G.652.D and G.657 compliant.  Use these ClearCurve Single Mode fibers for their backward compatibility with the G.652.D standard, superior performance, and the ability of these fibers to minimize bend-loss in any installation.  Price shown is for 100 meters of fiber.  

Product Features

  • For most indoor applications, virtually no bend-loss and very low loss in extreme (~5mm) bend environments
  • Allows for smaller components and flexible, yet reliable networks
  • Price is for 100 meters of fiber