FC-45-1-Without Label Corning Fiber-Clean Wipe - 45 Wipes Container/Tub

Part Number: FC-45-1 W/ Out Lable
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This is a clearance product sold as-is!  The exterior packaging is missing the original label.  There is no damage to the towelettes and the product is still 100% usable.  See pictures for additional details and feel free to contact us for more information on this item.  

The FC-45-1 Corning Fiber Clean Wipes are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of cleaning telecommunication cables. The FC-45-1 Corning Fiber Clean Wipes easily remove buffer tube gels, water blocking, and hydrophobic compounds and contaminants on optical fibers prior to connectorization and splicing.  

These FC-45-1 Corning Fiber Clean Wipes are pre-moistened with cleaning agents that does not use water, meaning it is purely saturated 100% with a cleaning compound.  As a result, these wipes evaporate quickly without leaving any residue.  

Comes in a convenient plastic dispenser, these wipes can replace their equivalents in individual foil packets, or sprays and refillable pump bottles.  

Product Features:

  • 45 wipes per container/tub
  • Synthetic blend, white towelettes saturated with a cleaning agent
  • Size of each wipe/towelette:  6" x 7.5"
  • Does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals, chlorinated solvents, CFCs, or HCFCs.  
  • Tested for stripping force with most common fiber coatings in accordance with Telcordia GR-20
  • Use to remove and clean nearly all contamination to include cable and buffer tube gels, water blocking and hydrophobic compounds, handling soils and contaminants, and particulate contaminates to include elastomeric coating.  

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