IR-8500 850nm Infrared Detection Card/Sensor Card

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CAUTION:  To avoid injury, use and wear approved eye protection and observe laser safety when you use this product in conjunction with a laser.  

IR-8500 850nm Infrared Detection Card/Sensor Card. Credit Card Size Indicator for Viewing Infrared (IR) Light.  This 850nm Infrared detection card is an excellent tool for any technician or individual working with fiber optic systems that use infrared (IR) light.  Use this card to quickly and visually indicate and see if an IR LED is producing light (radiation) without resorting to the use of bulkier tools.  Each card has an active area (1.5 x 1.5 cm) that is sensitive to IR light.  When illuminated with IR light, the illuminated area produces a blue-green light by dislodging charged molecular electrons in the phosphor material on the card.  

To charge the card for use.  The phosphor stores energy when it is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths found in sunlight or from fluorescent lamps.  The sensitivity peaks at 800nm and at 1300nm (sensitivity at 1300nm approx. 55% of sensitivity at 800nm). 

This 850nm Infrared Detection Card is best suitable for low-intensity LED light sources as used in fiber optics. High powered light sources may quickly deplete stored energy in the phosphor material, requiring recharging with UV light.  

Directions for Use:  
1. Charge Phosphate strip by holding to room light for 10 seconds
2. Hold strip in front of 850nm light source.( To increase visibility, darken room.)
* Spectral bandwidth (S = 10 % of Smax) 600 - 1500 nm