MicroCare Sticklers FPF Fiber Preparation Fluid

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MicroCare Sticklers FPF Fiber Preparation Fluid is designed for cleaning single strand and ribbon fiber before fusion splicing or termination. This MicroCare Sticklers FPF Fiber Preparation Fluid removes buffer residue as well as oils and debris from connector end faces, providing a superior cleaning and faster drying process than alcohol based products.  Stronger cleaning & faster drying than alcohol based products, this fluid is also travel safe and provides 3way dispenser.

Product Features:

  • Quick drying formula eliminates residue and leftover chemicals
  • Formula is double filtered for the highest purity and provides a superior clean
  • Dissipates static charges to keep dirt from coming back
  • Strong but delicate formula is ideal for cleaning bare fibers
  • Combine with fiber optic wipes or cleaning swabs for wet or dry connector endface cleaning
  • Non-flammable and non-hazardous formula is safe to use and store indoors with unlimited shelf life
  • RsHS and WEEE compliant