Siemon US-126 Universal Mechanical Splice Accepts Fiber Buffer Sizes from 250um-900um

Part Number: US126
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Both reusable and easy to install, this ULTRAsplice is a fully mechanical, cost effective, and high performing mechanical fiber optic splice best suited for use with bare fiber testing, spool length verification, and emergency repairs. This ULTRAsplice also includes a glass capillary alignment tube, pre-loaded with index matching gel, allowing users to visually inspect fiber location during installation. Collet locking nuts attached to this ULTRAsplice allow users to secure and tune the fiber for optimum retention and alignment.

This ULTRAsplice is designed for use with 125um clad fiber, both singlemode and multimode. The ULTRAsplice accepts any combination of fiber fubber sizes from 250um-900um. The average loss is less than 0.2dB with a fiber retention of over 2 lbs.

If used with a Visual Fault Locator (optional), the light amplifies the point where the fiber is misaligned, allowing users to adjust and fine tune the ULTRAsplice. When the fibers are properly aligned, no light will be visible, allowing the user to obtain a low loss splice quickly and efficiently. 

Product Features:
  • For use with 125um clad fiber, singlemode and multimode
  • Designed to accept any combination of fiber buffer sizes from 250um-900um
  • Features a glass capillary alignment to allow visual inspection of fiber location during installation
  • Best used for bare fiber testing, spool length verification, and emergency repairs
  • Reuseable and easy to install